Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Life Without Money

Hello to those who reading,
Actually i just finished my foundation,, so i have 2 months more to enter university. So i dont have any money since my mom dont want to supply me money anymore,, so now im looking for job to supply me for movies n shopping,,
i've been looking for vacancies for 1 week, but i still couldnt find any suitable jobs,
but just now my aunt come and offer me a work,, that is baby sit her children,, all together 5 of them.
my aunt said she will pay me RM400.. and i accept it,, Yes,, problems solve,, even though it is not really enough, but at least ther is income,,right, actually i want salary with RM600 and above, but its hard for me to be choosy right now, hee,, so i just accept it,